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Ecology (Greek oikos + logos = home+ science) – the science of the structure and operation of nature, dealing with the study of effects between organisms and thier environment and the mutual interrelations among those organisms.


Ecology is concerned with the study of relations between biothical community and a biotic environment, most generally speaking is the knowledg of natural order and disorder and their impact upon the existence of man his biosphere.


For some both philosophic as well as utilltarian reasons the term „ecology” is being an a very brpad semantic context. The terms ecology or ecologial are frequently used colloquially is a very broad and imprecise semantic sense, not always concerning the science of ecology. Often they do refer to sozology, i.e. the branch of science of environmental protection or else environmental protection itself, or even encological philosophy (ecosophy), social or artistic activity, with particular regard to interactions, both friendly and hostile, with or animal organisms, that they do interact with.




Discovering values of a foil bag


A foil bag is composed of ecologically clean polymers ( polyethylene or polypropylene). The polymer is nothing else but a linear chain of atoms of carbon and hydrogen, hence the products of decay or burning of a foil bag are ecologically clean – burning them yields only the rise of ever present in the nature carbon dioxdie and water (CO2 and H2O).


A foil bag's life after life


Foil bags are a perfect, ideally recyclable material. The raw material rising from the burnt down or compressed foil bags a very broad range of applications, among the other things, in new bags turn out, waste bags, plastic boxes or chests, plastic casks for planting vegetation, fences, railings and the like.


The foli bags , when ironed, may the source of fashionable, desingners handbags or toys. The foil waste, besides, is a high caloric fuel, of heat efficiency equal to that crude oil, and the burning process yields toxic gas.


Eco packagings


A foli bag production gives practically no waste and is not aburden to the environment. Each foli bag is recyclable. The raw material resultant from its processing is a very much demanded product on the raw material market owing to its broad range of applications in the production of waste bags, farming foils, plastic chestes or gratings, containers. Besides, each used up foli bad may act a waste bag for garbage.


Why the foil bags, then?


Hygienic? A one way foil bag is aseptic. It means, it allows a hygienic packing of raw meat even, as well as fruit or eggs. The bag provides a safe transport of you shopping home. Using repeated use bags might be a hazard to you health. They are loaded with varied goods, which should have been carried or stored separately.



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What is segregation

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