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A little about us

We are a dynamically expanding business dealing in modern and environment friendly polythene, paper and fabric packaging.


We do make use of our almost twenty year long experience of the factories, whose priority has always been care for environmental protection.


We have share in several domestic and foreign factories, that is why our prices are the so called primary prices or else manufacturer's prices (ex works).


All our products applied for foodstuffs are PZH certified.



+48 25 684 81 28


Foil selection


Foil bags do not grow on trees

They don't like draughts

They don't like dive

They don't jump upon children's heads

They don't choke animalsThey do not roam over the streets. They are too „thin” for that


Do help the foil bag get where it belongs, i.e. to a plastic waste bin, and let it get reborn again.





If you are interested in impartial, based on export analyses information on foil packaging, their processing and their impact on the environment, see KOEKO page – The Coalition for Ecological Packaging.

More on KOEKO – www.koeko.pl


What is segregation

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ul. Przemysłowa 3A 08-440 Pilawa

tel. +48 256 848 128

tel. +48 256 848 755

e-mail: biuro@ideeko.pl